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Terms & Conditions

The purchaser declares that he is aware of the site’s rules and will not have any claim demand against the site’s operators or anyone on their behalf, other than claims related to breach of HADARYA’s site operators’ obligations. The purchase of products on the HADARYA’s website is done by credit card or via Pay Pal. A prerequisite for approving the purchase operation is that the purchased product is in stock. The buyer will not have any claim in this matter, subject to the company notifying the buyer of the product’s lack of stock and refunding any amount paid and / or cancel the charge, if done between the purchase operation. The purchaser will not have any claim against HADARYA or anyone on its behalf in connection with delays in delivery. HADARYA sends the product to the address of the buyer in Israel and / or outside Israel according to the terms of delivery of the delivery provider. The purchaser will not have any claim if the shipments refrain for any reason other than returning any amount he paid for inclusion or cancellation of the charge (if made) for the purchase operation. When carrying out the purchase operation, the buyer will be required to enter his personal details into the system, but HADARYA may determine additional and other ways of contacting and providing all or part of the buyer’s details. HADARYA will not be liable for any error in the purchase operation resulting from the entry of any incorrect details. The purchaser’s right to cancel the purchase transaction by notifying HADARYA offices within seven days from the date he received the product. It is not possible to cancel a transaction for products that have been manufactured specifically for the buyer or whose original packaging has been opened. The obligation to return the product to the storage warehouses applies to the buyer. In accordance with the provisions of the law, HADARYA may demand from the buyer a cancellation fee of 5% of the total purchase or an amount of 10.00 USD minimum. HADARYA reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Product prices do not include shipping & Handling. The product images displayed on the HADARYA website are for illustration purposes only and are not binding, and may differ between the product and its photographed image on the website. If factors or events beyond the control of HADARYA delay or prevent the sale of the products or part of them, and / or if an error is discovered in the product description, price, payment terms listed next to it, its picture or any other material regarding the product or receiving data from the buyer, HADARYA will be entitled to cancel the purchase transaction at any time until it is delivered to the buyer. If it becomes clear to HADARYA that it cannot, within the framework of its usual means, deliver the products to the buyer at his place of residence, HADARYA will be entitled to cancel the purchase transaction at any time until the product is delivered to the buyer. In this case, HADARYA will refund the buyer the full consideration he paid or cancel the charge of his credit card, and the buyer will not be entitled to any compensation for the cancellation of the transaction. HADARYA sends the orders in Israel through the Cheetah Couriers company, with a courier to the house plus a payment of 19.00USD for local delivery, and 59.00 USD for overseas delivery. Abroad, deliveries are made via EMS or DHL according to the decision of HADARYA plus a payment of 10% of the total purchase price (before a discount if a discount is given). Delivery in Israel usually takes up to 5 business days, and abroad usually up to 15 business days. Please provide an address to receive the order where you will be available during most hours of the day (possible also to the workplace and preferably with all the details – floor, room, etc.) Deliveries in Israel are delivered by the delivery company on Sundays-Thursdays, and to ensure timely delivery, please be available on the mobile phone you left – when ordering. On holiday eves or special occasions the shipment may be delayed beyond normal, due to congestion. A new and proper product can be replaced in its original packaging within 14 days, from the date of receipt of the product, along with the purchase invoice. You can exchange a product or get a refund on a product within seven days with a purchase invoice. In the absence of an invoice, it will only be possible to replace it with another product. Payment for delivery, will not be refunded to customer. A credit or refund will be refunded in the same manner as it was paid, less a cancellation fee charged by the credit company. Refund will only be given when the product is returned in its original packaging. HADARYA will be entitled to send you e-mails from time to time in accordance with the provisions of the Communications. HADARYA may use the information you provide on the site, and the information you collect about the patterns of use of the site, for the purpose of improving the services on the site and / or in any other way it offers, to contact you if necessary in accordance with law or for analyzing and providing statistical information to third parties. Such third parties and / or their employees and / or anyone on their behalf are prohibited from using this personal information for any other purpose, except as stated in this section above. In cases beyond control, HADARYA will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the customer or anyone on its behalf, as well as if information is lost or reaches a hostile party and / or used without permission. Our products are made from good raw materials and while maintaining a high quality finish. If the product is damaged by incorrect use of the product, we may request payment, and if delivery is required, then you will be charged the cost of delivery. The box of the product is intended to protect it, in road jams with the shipping company – the box may be damaged and we are not responsible for it. Sale only in stores around the country or on site. There is no audience reception in the studio. All intellectual property rights are reserved ©. No use of any kind, whether private or commercial, partial or / or complete, may be made of images and / or designs and / or texts and / or graphics of the works of art displayed on this site without express prior permission. Unauthorized use constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights and copyrights.

Overseas shipping and return charges:
10% shipment charge (before discount) will be added to every coupon order from North America  , and 20% shipment charge (before discount) will be added to every coupon order from South America, Australia, New-Zealand, Africa,  Europe and Asia.

Minimum Shipment charge is 59.00 USD.

Cost of delivery returns is on the purchaser. 5% will be deducted from the total amount paid, minimum 10.00 USD and / or not more than 100.00 USD.


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Textile items: Dry clean only